The benefits of Coolth Recovery CPD Course

Most of those involved in the ventilation industry will be familiar with heat recovery and its benefits, but in fact the potential savings from coolth recovery, particularly with our recent warmer summers, may be surprising. This Elta Fans CPD sets out to explain how coolth recovering works, and demonstrate how much costs can be reduced by its usage.

Coolth Recovery in Ventilation and its Benefits.

There is a worldwide demand to reduce energy consumption, and Ecodesign legislation has been put in place, aiming to improve the energy efficiency of products. Ventilation systems are amongst the biggest users of indoor energy, so ensuring that they operate as efficiently as possible and reducing their energy usage will have major benefits both for building owners, and for our energy demands as a whole.

There are a number of Ecodesign requirements aimed at ventilation systems. According to the Ecodesign Directive EU 1253/2014, all bidirectional ventilation units should be fitted with a heat recovery system.

Heat recovery systems are traditionally used to reduce the heating demands of a building. By using residual heat from the air being removed, the fresh air being introduced is pre-heated. However, this can also be harnessed for coolth recovery, which has huge, often untapped benefits – rather than introducing warm air into an air conditioned building, the fresh air is pre-cooled by the residual coolth of the exhausted air.

To help those involved in the design, installation and supply of ventilation systems, Elta Fans has created a CPD course to educate on coolth recovery and its potential benefits. This CPD activity can contribute towards your CIBSE CPD requirement.

The course will demonstrate the benefits of coolth recovery with real-world examples. As our climate is changing, we have increasingly warm summers and rely more on air conditioning and other ventilation to keep our buildings at a comfortable temperature. By harnessing the power of coolth recovery, energy usage and costs can be substantially reduced.

This CPD activity can contribute towards your CIBSE CPD requirement.

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