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and Heat Recovery

Innovative Air Handling and Heat & Coolth Recovery Units.

Our in-house technical engineers use specialist software to configure products that can be supplied pre-assembled, in loose sections, or flat-packed. These unique products are tailored to the customer’s exact performance, efficiency and noise criteria, always taking into consideration compliance to the latest regulations and any site restrictions.

Designing For Good Indoor Air Quality

From a standard range of frameless and compact Air Handling and Energy Recovery Units, with or without heating, to larger bespoke units, we offer Air Handling Units to suit all requirements.

Truly Bespoke

With ranges encompassing the latest technology in component parts including plug fans with variable speed drives, fans with EC motor control drives, high efficiency thermal wheels, plate to plate heat recovery, plug and play controls options – Air Design has an AHU solution to meet most requirements.

Air Handling Product Portfolio


Ceiling Void Energy Recovery Units

  • Ceiling void mount
  • Frameless
  • Energy recovery ventilation with or without heating
  • 0.006 – 0.936m3/s


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Extruded Aluminium Pentapost Frame of Air Handling Units

  • Plant room / rooftop mount
  • Double deck / side by side
  • Extruded aluminium frame
  • Air handling & energy recovery units with or without heating & cooling
  • 0.5 – 2.5m3/s

Product Variations

Double Decked + Plate Heat Exchanger + Electric Heater

Double Decked + Plate Heat Exchanger + LPHW Coil

Double Decked + Rotor + Electric Heater

Double Decked + Rotor + LPHW Coil

Side by Side + Plate Heat Exchanger + Electric Heater

Side by Side + Plate Heat Exchanger + LPHW Coil

Side by Side + Rotor + Electric Heater

Side by Side + Rotor + LPHW Coil


Extruded Aluminium Pentapost Frame of Air Handling Units

  • Plant room / rooftop mount
  • Any layout UVU & BVU
  • Extruded aluminium frame
  • Fully configured air handling units
  • 0.1 – 20.0m3/s


Indoor Air Quality and Energy Recovery Management Device

  • Fully integrated or remote
  • Local control or BMS interface
  • In-house engineered to be pre-programmed or fully configured
  • IAQ & energy recovery management devices
  • 4 levels of control

Experience and capability to fulfil
any requirement of air handling design

Built with an extruded aluminium pentapost frame and fully insulated double skin panels, PURA+ units are available in different finishing trims suitable for internal and external locations and hygienic environments. The PURA+ range covers an airflow envelope of 0.1 up to 20.0 m3/s and is available in a range of design combinations.

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Air Design’s extensive knowledge in air handling and heat recovery is a result of understanding customers’ requirements.

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