Don’t compromise
on compliance

Are you acting as the manufacturer?

The way you’ve worked since 2013 has meant that YOU have been responsible for ErP compliance of your low silhouette roof unit.
When you buy a plate fan and a roof cowl separately and combine them in an installation, YOU become the manufacturer and it becomes YOUR responsibility to ensure the unit is ErP compliant.


Roof cowl + plate fan – Combined together by the installer = ErP compliance responsibility is your responsibility.


New Low Silhouette Axial Roof Fan = ErP compliance responsibility remains with Elta Fans.

The Office for Product Safety and Standards are responsible for ensuring that a completed roof unit product is compliant to Ecodesign regulation 1253/2014. When a cowl is combined with a fan, it becomes a completed product. Every fan that is manufactured has a manufacture date clearly visible so there is no hiding the fact that a cowl and a plate have been put together creating an illegal product. As soon as you put a plate fan with a roof cowl it creates a loss of efficiency and this is why your installation is then non-compliant.

The Skyflow SSRL

The world’s first ErP compliant low silhouette axial roof unit.

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The technology

Patent Application Number: 1810125.3.

The Skyflow SSRL combines weatherproof functionality with aerodynamically efficient design in a uniquely aesthetic low silhouette roof unit.

Be compliant and don’t compromise on:

  • Energy saving
  • Space saving
  • Horizontal discharge
  • Weatherproofing
  • Versatile installations

The spirit of roof units, the craft of engineering

Returning to our roots

The saying goes that storms make trees take deeper roots. So, we looked back to our group founders for inspiration when trying to solve the issue of the disappearance of a complete low silhouette roof unit from the market.

After all, they are the men who created the low cost stackable, stockable, fibreglass roof extract unit; renowned in our industry. Driven by dedication, focus and integrity and a belief in never becoming complacent, that continues today in our business. We have experienced a rebirth of our group’s foundations; a symbol of our commitment to taking responsibility as a manufacturer and looking after our customers and solving their compliance requirements.

To find out more about the Skyflow SSRL and ErP Compliance, download our brochure here.