Tailored Ventilation Systems
for Individual Homes

Tailored ventilation systems
to improve the indoor air
quality in your home

When designing and building a new home, it is imperative that factors
that affect the ventilation requirements, including location, occupancy
and construction method, are considered as early as possible.

Home Indoor Air Quality and Performance Protection

Improved Well Being

Improved Well Being

By extracting stale air and filtering the incoming air, our bespoke systems remove easily-inhaled allergens such as dust, pollen, animal dander, cleaning products and perfumes from the air.

Easy Breathing

Easy Breathing

Supplying fresh, clean air into the home whilst removing contaminants reduces the amount of pollution that is inhaled and increases the levels of oxygen intake.

Building Protection

Building Protection

Our intelligent ventilation system can prevent the build up of condensation and damp, which can cause unsightly and expensive damage to the wooden and metal structures, furnishings and building fabrics.

Superior Efficiency

Superior Efficiency

Introducing tempered air into the home using our ventilation systems reduces the need to recondition external air, which results in lower heating and cooling costs.

Our Project Timeline


Initial Consultation

Our specialists will meet with you and your team during the design phase to discuss the build’s requirements and ventilation solutions.


Our Proposal

We will then submit our details product proposal and quote for your consideration, including all system components and responsibilities.


Laying Out Plans

When your building is at the first fix stage, our ventilation specialist will meet you on site to discuss system design and layout.


Delivery and Installation

Components will be shipped directly to site for use by your appointed installers in line with your build schedule.



Just before completion and handover, our ventilation experts can assist in the arrangements to commission and demonstrate your system.



Annual maintenance of our products is minimal and easily undertaken, should you require support, one of our expert partners to provide this for you.

Project Timeline
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