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Axial Fans

Fans that aren’t simple,
Selected simply.

Did you know that our HVAC Axial Fan capability is much more than our standard off-the-shelf ranges of fans? Selected through our refined Fan Selection Program and built to your requirements, you can find the fan for any project with Elta Fans.

We’ve made fan selection simple.  

We know that axial fans can be complicated; hub size, number of blades, casing size and blade angle are all factors. We have refined our Fan Selection Program to make selecting a fan even easier.

Instead of overwhelming you with hundreds of options, our program allows you to input your specific requirements and be presented with a much smaller selection that will suit your project.

Our FSP is available for immediate download. Whether you are a first-time user or have used it before, it will revolutionise the way you make fan selections.

Download the Program

Find out more about our axial range below…

For more information, download our Long Cased Axial Fan Overview.

Sizes available between
315mm & 2000mm.

High quality Aluminium impeller blades. GRP available on request.

Motors to (EU) 2019/1781.
EC Motors Available.

Suitable for
external mounting.

Single or Three Phase
50Hz Supply.

AC 3ph suitable for Variable Frequency Control.


Our long cases are are made of durable hot-dip galvanised steel or pre-galvanised steel and built to enclose the entire length of the impeller and motor assembly.

Casing diameters are available between 315mm and 2000mm with casing thicknesses from 2mm to 6mm gauge dependant on model.


The motors we use with our range of axial impellers are chosen to provide maximum reliability and generate low levels of noise with minimal vibration; offering reduced energy consumption.

IEC motors to (EU) 2019/1781 are foot mounted, totally enclosed metric type to IP54 or IP55 in either aluminium or cast iron construction. They comply with appropriate international standards as far as output, performance, dimensions and relevant energy performance are concerned.

Standard industrial paint finish and Class F insulation to EN 60034-5, suitable for operating temperatures of up to +54ºC.


Our own Axial Impeller technology is the heartbeat of Elta Fans.

Since the 1970s, we’ve been building impellers of the highest standard. Our high efficiency adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers are provided with blades made from high quality cast aluminium or GRP.

Impellers are factory set to meet specific customer requirements and attached to the motor shaft via a keyed tapered bush which reduces fretting corrosion and eliminates the possibility of impeller wobble.

Hubs are manufactured from cast aluminium alloy and available in 6 sizes from 131mm to 550mm diameter.

Download the Fan Selection Program here.

Making Your Selection

The Fan Selection Program

Making it quicker and easier for you to select fans from our expansive range of products. Whether you’ve used the program previously, or if this is your first time, you will find this program a helpful part of your processes.

Navigating the Program

To navigate between the main areas of the program, simply use the main navigation buttons at the top. The program highlights the button to show which area of the program you are in. A dedicated Help source is available with the ability to define common default settings.

Acoustic Analysis

One of the most common questions asked about fan noise is “Why are the fan noise levels that I have measured, noisier than the ones published”, this is related to how a fan is installed for testing compared to how a fan is installed on site, along with the type of room where the noise is being measured. The sound pressure levels that are specified in any manufacturers’ catalogues will not necessarily be what you will hear on site.


Our Fan Selection program will help by performing a simple acoustic analysis of a fan system, and the help file will provide some basic information regarding what effects various components have on the resultant noise level inside a room.

Interactive Functions

Selections can be adjusted during selection to highlight different requirements, such as adjusting the fan speed to show data at lower operating speeds; Warnings to help identify errors in selection and column headings in the fans selected window allow multiple ways to compare products, with many more features available as standard to ensure the correct fan for your needs is chosen.

Our engineering capability
defines us and the world
class products we create

Since the beginning, our purpose hasn’t changed. Quality, reliability, performance, function and safety are the cardinal features of Elta Fans products. Ensuring the highest standard products, always.

Our Core Technology
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